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Where does Wild West Beef Jerky Beef come from and how do I know it’s safe?

Wild West Beef Jerky is made in our own state of the art facility in Forres, near Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. We are Europe’s largest producer of jerky and biltong but also do small batch special recipes to complement our mainstream products.

We have full EU approval for production and distribution and have been in business for fifteen years. We have approval for export outside the EU also and sell our products in 28 countries. We manufacture for third party brands including Marks & Spencer own brand, so you can feel assured that we operate to the highest standards in the market. The beef is predominantly British and Irish with some small amounts coming from other EU countries when availability is scarce at certain times of the year.

We import a small amount of jerky from our partners in Uruguay, who have full BRC accreditation. This now amounts to the nuggets product only.

How is your jerky made?

To begin, the meat is trimmed so it’s visibly lean.

Then it is cut and marinated in our own special blend of herbs and spices. It is then slow-smoked with apple wood, which gives it the great taste we know you prefer. Nearly every product we make can be made with ingredients from a typical home store cupboard.

Our Beef Jerky is around 95% fat free, low in carbohydrates, calories, very high in protein (up to 50%) and has an extremely long shelf life without refrigeration.

Are jerky and biltong healthy?

It is hard to find a healthier snack food.

For those trying to lose weight it is great as it has low calories and low fat content. For those wanting to put on muscle mass or who are involved in a physical hobby or line of work, it has the highest protein content you are likely to find in any food. This will help rebuild aching muscles.

All in all you’d be hard pushed to find a healthier snack.

I’ve heard jerky is used as a survival food. Why?


Our jerky is made from solid strips of beef. Once cured and smoked it’s weight has decreased by almost two thirds. Therefore, a 25g serving of jerky has the equivalent food value of 80g of untrimmed steak. However, from a moisture point of view, the it works out at 200% meat, therefor a 25g bag would be the equivalent of 50g of lean trimmed beef with normal moisture. This means that it takes up less room and weight in a climber or trekker’s luggage. The larger packets of jerky come in resealable bags so it doesn’t’t all have to be eaten at once.

illbruckWild West Jerky also has a very long shelf life of 18 months so is unlikely to perish, even on the hardest of expeditions.
Arved Fuchs, the world famous explorer, uses only the highest quality material and foods for his expeditions. In January 2000, Arved Fuchs used Beef Jerky on his Shackleton 2000 expedition and was enthused about this delicious and nutritious snack.

Beef Jerky is now an important travel snack for all his expeditions.


How is biltong made, and why is it better for you than other snacks you may already be eating?

Why is biltong better for you than other snacks you may already be eating?

Who eats jerky?

Just about everyone eats jerky. Jerky has been the fastest growing segment of the American snack food market for the last decade and is now found in almost every store that sells any kind of food at all, from garage forecourts to large supermarket chains. Initially, it was the hardworking man and the old fashioned cowboys who used to eat it but now it is even recommended by some as a teething aid for babies! We’re now mainstream in the UK and available in all major supermarket chains and stores plus online.

How does your jerky have such a long shelf life?

FullSizeRenderOur jerky and biltong bags contain small oxygen absorbing sachets. These reduce the oxygen in an airtight package down to 0,01% (100ppm) or less to prolong the product’s shelf life. Conventional preservatives, antioxidants, gas purging and vacuum packing are often not effective because they do not completely eliminate the oxygen. With oxygen absorbers, the result is longer-lasting freshness and improved quality products. The absorbers we use conform with all the relevant food laws and regulations. It has been used for decades in Japan and America for preservation of product freshness.

N.B. Do not eat the oxygen absorber!

Where can I find Wild West Jerky, Bundu and Cruga Biltong? Is it available in stores?

You can of course buy our jerky online at this site. It is also available through our authorized distributors and retailers. This now includes the major supermarkets and garage forecourts.

Visit Here http://www.meatsnacksgroup.com/products/ to find your nearest outlet.

What about Shipping And Handling?

There is a small postage charge of £4.00 for all orders up to £40 in value. Thereafter it is free, so it pays to buy in bulk. Your order will normally be shipped by courier sign for delivery within the UK and airmail for Europe and within 24hrs of us receiving your order unless at the weekend. Remember, our jerky does not require refrigeration. You should always receive your jerky within four or five days of ordering if in the UK. For Europe it varies from country to country and region to region.

How do I know my Credit Card and personal details are secure?


We use Sagepay payment gateway and also paypal for our payment system. All transaction information passed between our site and Sage Pay’s systems is encrypted using 128-bit SSL certificates. No cardholder information is ever passed unencrypted and any messages sent to our servers from Sage Pay are signed using MD5 hashing to prevent tampering. You can be completely assured that nothing you pass to Sage Pay’s servers can be examined, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information.


The SSL server protects any data sent to it from your browser. It is fully capable of 128 bit key encryption.

Once on our systems, all sensitive data is secured using the same internationally recognised 256-bit encryption standards used by, among others, the US Government. The encryption keys are held on state-of-the-art, tamper proof systems in the same family as those used to secure VeriSign’s Global Root certificate, making them all but impossible to extract. The data we hold is extremely secure and we are regularly audited by the banks and banking authorities to ensure it remains so.

Sage Pay’s systems are scanned quarterly by Trustwave which are an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) for the payment card brands.

Sage pay is also audited annually under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and is a fully approved Level 1 payment services provider, which is the highest level of compliance. We are also active members of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) that defines card industry global regulation.

Of course Paypal needs no further introduction. It is widely used and trusted method for millions of online transactions daily.

Do you have a privacy policy?

We do not disclose buyer’s information to any third parties. Please refer to the Privacy Statement on our Terms & Conditions..

How do I contact you if I have any other questions or comments?

The first way of contacting us is to email shop@meatsnackshop.com

Alternatively phone or fax +44 (0) 1908 562 376

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