The Livestock story:

From our new 20,000 sq ft facility in the Highlands of Scotland, it is easy for us to locally source some of the World’s finest beef. We also procure beef and pork from other areas of the UK and Ireland, so you can be assured that we use the finest home grown meat in almost all of our product ranges. Our traceability is robust and comprehensive; working to British Retail Consortium (BRC) EU or USDA standards we can trace each one of the 10 million packs we produce each year back to a little batch of just 400 lbs of lean silverside steak or (20 cattle).

The livestock we source from Britain and Ireland are cared for by farmers backed by generations of family experience; many of whom have gained knowledge and techniques from the regions world class agricultural colleges.

With the assistance of veterinary supervision we ensure the very highest standards of animal welfare are continually maintained. The cattle benefit from the best of our temperate climate and are protected from the worst of it; grazing free on natural grass pasture during the warm drier months but sheltered from the winter cold in purpose built barns on farms all around the countryside.

There’s a seasonal flavour to their diet too; in addition to grass there is a variety of root vegetables, barley, beet, wheat and particularly in Scotland, distiller’s grains.

Our cattle are never subjected to growth promoters or hormones and never fed animal proteins. Large American or Australian style feed-lots simply don’t exist in our countryside.

Completing the cycle of care, we ensure the livestock are processed within a modest travel distance from the abattoir.